Large Quantity PPE

Are you looking for large quantities of PPE?
We can offer a wide range of products in large quantities
starting at 10 million boxes (masks) and up for stock. 
Production of Nitrile gloves starts at 32 000 boxes (100 per box)
We can also deliver private labeled products.
Products we offer in large quantity:
Cranberry Evolve Nitrile gloves (300 per box) 
Cardinal Flexal Nitrile gloves (200 per box)
Kimberly Clarke Nitrile gloves (100 per box) 
3M Mod:1860 masks respirator FFP2 (per mask)  
Private Label - 3 ply Face masks (packing quantity per request) 
Private Label - N95 FFP2 Face masks (packing quantity per request) 
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Production of Nitrile Gloves, 
Soteria Nitrile gloves (100 per box)  MOQ: 32 000

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