We have worked hard to bring you the connections and inventory you need to supply your enterprise-level organisation. We can also offer a wide range of products in large quantities starting at 10 million boxes (masks) and up for stock or different quantities for production.

Products we offer in large quantity:
Cranberry Evolve Nitrile gloves (300 per box) 
Cardinal Flexal Nitrile gloves (200 per box)
Kimberly Clarke Nitrile gloves (100 per box)
3M Mod:1860 masks respirator FFP2 (per mask)  
Private Label - 3 ply Face masks (packing quantity per request) 
Private Label - N95 FFP2 Face masks (packing quantity per request) 
Production of Nitrile gloves. 
Soteria 100% Nitrile gloves (100 per box) MOQ: 32 000 boxes.
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Cranberry Evolve 300 gloves
Contact Us!
Birger Sturgis Loomer
t: +47 40001942